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Managerial Psychology

Graduates of the Managerial Psychology study program are equipped with knowledge and skills enabling the effective performance of managerial functions in the field of people management and the application of psychological principles in the management of subordinates, business management, etc.



The student acquires the basic theoretical and practical basis for the performance of a managerial function, as well as knowledge from the field of methods and techniques of managerial work, both at the level of interpersonal relations and in relation to the person himself.

Strategic management

The student primarily acquires the theoretical essence of strategic management and will be equipped with methodological skills for strategic management. The study module is supplemented with case studies from this area.

Managerial psychology

The student will learn the basics of general psychology, forms of leadership, will acquire competences in creating profiles of individuals with a focus on applied psychology.

Pro více informací kontaktujte garanta programu:
Mgr. Dominik Kejdana, MBA
+420 724 219 190

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