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Graduates of the Politology study program are equipped with knowledge and skills that will enable them to effectively perform managerial functions in the field of public policy. The student becomes familiar with the theory of politics and the theory of international relations - originally the sociology of politics. The area of political marketing that affects us covertly even outside of election campaigns. We will focus on the description and evaluation of political phenomena, such as the functioning of the state and the political system, power organizations and authorities, political ideologies, the meaning and behavior of the public in relation to politics, and international relations.

The study emphasizes not only the acquisition of theoretical knowledge, but also the ability to work independently with professional and data sources, the ability to draw and formulate one's own conclusions and opinions, and the application of theoretical knowledge when solving independent seminar papers.



The student acquires the basic theoretical and practical basis for the performance of a managerial function, as well as knowledge from the field of methods and techniques of managerial work, both at the level of interpersonal relations and in relation to the person himself.

Strategic Management

The student primarily acquires the theoretical essence of strategic management and will be equipped with methodological skills for strategic management. The study module is supplemented with case studies from this area.


The study program will be further theoretically and practically designed according to the choice of specialization in this program at the level of municipal politics, regional and parliamentary politics and European Union politics.

Pro více informací kontaktujte garanta programu:
Mgr. Dominik Kejdana, MBA
+420 724 219 190

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