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Social work

The Social Work educational program comprehensively covers management issues in social organizations, including financing, management mechanisms, project planning and human resource management. As part of this specialization, students will understand the management system in social institutions and become familiar with the principles of the functioning of the social sphere not only in the Czech, but also in the international context. After successfully completing the specialization, students will be able to design a suitable organizational structure of a social facility, develop their own model for increasing the efficiency of the facility, implement a suitable management system or propose a strategy and direction of the organization. This specialization is intended primarily for representatives of middle and upper management working in the social field and in social organizations of all types of ownership. At the same time, it is also suitable for managers or entrepreneurs in the field of social care.



The student acquires the basic theoretical and practical basis for the performance of a managerial function, as well as knowledge from the field of methods and techniques of managerial work, both at the level of interpersonal relations and in relation to the person himself.

Strategic Management

The student primarily acquires the theoretical essence of strategic management and will be equipped with methodological skills for strategic management. The study module is supplemented with case studies from this area.

Social work

In addition to management in the social sphere, the specialization also focuses on economics in the social sphere and law in the social sphere. Individual modules are focused on human, material and financial resources in the social field. Students will become familiar with the basic concepts of the social field, they will learn about ways of financing and measuring the results of social care or measuring the productivity and economic efficiency of social services. They will also learn about the principles of cost management and the methodology of valuation of social services. The aim of the modules is to provide students with knowledge that they can use in practice. Graduates will become familiar with the legal regulation of relationships arising in the provision of social services. Basic rights and obligations of social service providers, social workers, users and other subjects.

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Mgr. Dominik Kejdana, MBA
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