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Sports Management

The Sports Management program is suitable for everyone who wants to advance in the career of a manager in the field of sports and physical education. The professional education program is designed to effectively prepare you to advance to higher management positions or to enter a new management function. The goal of the program is to apply current trends in sports management. The program primarily offers courses with a focus on leading and management functions in companies in the sports business sector at the national and international level, which will enable graduates to build, improve and expand the services provided in this sector.



The student acquires the basic theoretical and practical basis for the performance of a managerial function, as well as knowledge from the field of methods and techniques of managerial work, both at the level of interpersonal relations and in relation to the person himself.

Strategic Management

The student primarily acquires the theoretical essence of strategic management and will be equipped with methodological skills for strategic management. The study module is supplemented with case studies from this area.

Sports Management

The Sports Management specialization will provide students with a comprehensive overview of information that is important for the successful development of managerial skills in the field of sports. Management, law, economics, psychology and other disciplines in the context of sports will be discussed in individual modules. There will also be the area of obtaining subsidies and grants, creating budgets, creating internal regulations and statutes of various sports institutions. By successfully completing the BBA degree, you will gain important knowledge, a strategic perspective and expand your knowledge and new information about business and management in the field of sports.

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Mgr. Dominik Kejdana, MBA
+420 724 219 190

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